Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who's on your "freebie" list?

In light of Tiger's indiscretions...I was wondering whether any of those women would have shown up on his "freebie" list. You know..the list you're allowed to fantasize about but never act upon.

Would a hostess and waitress and "lady of the night" be worthy of Tigers "list"? Obviously his beautiful model trophy wife did not quite make the cut...

So I ask Tim who would be on his "list"...I was pretty sure it would be an actress or victoria secret supermodel...the typical male fantasy. While I consider myself attractive enough and give me a few months and this bod will be back in fighting form...I am more known for my intelligence. So while I was expecting hubby to include this on his list

He shocks me by saying he would include this gal


She's the NBC anchor for the Today Show..Natalie Morales

Ha! Nice work Tim, brains and beauty...I like it!

Unfortunately, while he may be smart (who knows!) I am going for strictly looks on my list

Who's on your list?


  1. maybe we could hook tim up with nat...she lives in hoboken
    :0) noelle

  2. Joshua Jackson! YUMMY.

    Jay's list would likely include Debbie Gibson and Jennifer Love Hewitt. He likes to tell me they remind him of me. HA!

  3. many to choose from. Lately it's been Eddie Cahill from CSI:NY. Tall, dark, and handsome!
    I'm gonna have to ask Mark who his freebie would be.