Monday, December 14, 2009

Random thoughts by Cheryl..

1. Today Cole has a playdate after school. The mom (bless her, she is awesome and so are her kids) is trying to make my life easy by picking him up at school, giving him lunch, playtime with her kids and then driving him home at 3:30.


I have never NOT picked Cole up...I am a control freak...what if she forgets him? What if she has an accident?

Breathe..all you veteran mommies out there, reassure me...he will be fine right?

2. Lots of people are wondering how we're doing. The twins are 4 weeks old today! They are growing nicely and have fit right into our little lifestyle perfectly. Tim and I are great too. No, we have no help. People visit and that works for me. If Cole was younger, if the boys get fussier, then yes I will welcome some help. For now, I have a hubby who is home all day, a 5 yr old in school for half the day, and I function really well on minimal sleep and coffee. Don't get me wrong...we're tired...but not exhausted. Seeing these faces makes my day...

Mr. Luke...very serious...we call him Button (as in Benjamin Button) since we think he looks kinda like an old man in a baby body...cute for now...not so cute in 30 years!. Hey Luke, those bags under the eyes may disappear if you would sleep for more than 3 hours a shot!

Mr. Kyle. Started off as my little runt, small and fighting to breathe and a BAD eater. He's done a 360 and is heavier then big brother..Struggles with gas from 9-10 at night...every night. Painful to watch and any tips out there to help relieve this is greatly appreciated!

3. The boys are fraternal twins...2 separate eggs, 2 separate sacs...they look NOTHING alike...right? Why are soooo many people having trouble telling them apart? Yes, that includes family members.....

4. It's bloody cold here...the kind of cold that prevents you from going outside. If I could choose to have a baby, it would NOT be a November baby.....I am stuck inside for 5 more the least. This time last year we were vacationing here

Freeport, Bahamas

I actually checked for a seat sale to someplace warm after x-mas....I am seriously dilusional..I agree.

Send me a random thought...dilusional or not.


  1. I don't know why people can't tell them apart? Like seriously they look nothing alike! I also freaked out the first time in kindergarten when someone asked to take Hayley from school for a playdate! I learned to get to know the kid and the parent, and keep it short if you are unsure. Offer to pick him up at 2:00 if you are nervous and just say that Cole is just getting used to going to playdates without you....
    it isn't as cold as Wpg here but snow in Vancouver means scary driving on hills! Not my favorite, plus I know how to drive as I got my license inWpg during winter but most BCers do not and they scare me!
    If your boys are doing that well, why not escape to a warm place! you deserve it!

  2. Love the pictures! It's great to see them with their eyes open! They do look different but I think babies all seem to look very similar anyways!

    Glad to hear you guys are adjusting nicely! About the playdate...I would be totally nervous too!

  3. I know how you feel on the playdate but as a vetran mommy (why do I feel old?), he will be fine, he will love it and you will enjoy your afternoon. I promise.

    I do think Luke and Kyle look a bit alike but I have only seen them in pictures. Either way they are adorable and those are great pictures.

    And I am looking at property on the gulf side of Texas, shall I scout out a neighboring house for you guys? Wouldn't that be cool!

    Seriously though, go on a trip, the boys are at a good age, not mobile, and they are free! Also, can I come too? ;)