Thursday, December 3, 2009

NO pets allowed...

I love me

I just don't want any....

We had a fish, it lived well over a year.. we have not replaced him...the fish tank is nicely stored away...

Plants die in my house...need I say more??

The issue then becomes reinforcing our no pets allowed rule for visitors

Case in point:

Friend: "We want to come see the babies!! "

Me: For sure, come on by!!

Friend: "We will bring OUR new addition....a puppy, Cole will LOVE it!"

Me: ????????

Tim and I decided when we were married that we would not have pets...children would be enough work for us....and we had jobs/lifestyles that were truly unfair to any pet (unless of course the pet could go without food for 14 hours a day and did not need to be walked or played with)

We have encountered a few episodes of people bringing pets to our home and then being offended when we insist the dog stay in the garage for the visit.


Maybe to the dog owner, but it's also rude to bring a dog to a house where you are unsure of the rules. Allergies could be present, a fear of dogs, you never know. Best to clarify before an uncomfortable confrontation results

So I am once again faced with the doggy to politely accept a visit....minus the furry addition!


  1. You are right, I would never just bring a pet to someone else's home especially with new babies! I would say, "We are sure Cole would love to meet your new puppy when we come to your home to visit, but unfortunately our home is a pet free zone, I just wanted to let you know before you come over, I'd hate for your puppy to have to stay outside."

    If they are truly friends they will respect your house rules.


  2. great advice Joanne!!! I will use that for sure!!!

  3. I am so so SO with you. My uncle always brought his "baby" (a GINORMOUS ANNOYING dog) with him when he came to visit. I hated it. Dogs are NOT the same as kids. Leave the thing at home! (or in the car)

    We don't allow pets in our home either, and I don't think it's rude at all.

  4. Yes! Go with Joanne. Frankly I make sure my kids are invited when someone asks us over. The same applies to a dog and even more so. The dog can stay home alone!!

    Not rude at all, and most pet owners would not just bring the dog without asking!

  5. I am in total agreement. It bothers me when people treat their animals like a real child!'s a DOG.

    Here's another one I hate. When we go to someone's house and they have a huge dog that my kids are terrified of and they don't put the dog away! Like really? You want to listen to screaming kids the whole visit??? Just put your dog away for an will be FINE. Or they let their dog lick your kids faces for an hour! GROSS!

    Can you tell I have major issues with this???

  6. Bringing a pet to another persons house with a baby is a NO NO in my book.

    About your question on my blog - yes, I wear a HRM. I have a couple but the one I wear for my outside walks/runs is a Garmin 305 because of the GPS I can track my distance as well.

  7. Joanne's advice was great. Very well worded.

    We have a cat, so we can't say we're a pet-free zone, but we have had people bring their dogs unannounced. It gets our kids totally worked up.

    Only 1 friend has ever been allowed to bring their dog back to out home. Simply because she was so well behaved, and slept by the fireplace the whole time.

    Hypocritical? Maybe, but it's my house. I don't bring my uninvited kids over to friend's houses when they don't have children.