Friday, December 18, 2009

weekly weigh in


Nice to see the numbers going down, and while I would love for these last 10 pounds to melt off..I am a huge advocate for losing weight using a maintainable lifestyle. That being said...I have cleaned up my eating and portion sizes big time. The kitchen scale and tupperware containers are in full effect. Me and Tilapia are bonding.

I even did the Christmas baking (thanks Kami for your recipes!) and I had Tim and Cole taste them all...not even a nibble from me! Have you ever noticed that self control really feels good?

Workout wise, I managed 2 weight training sessions and 3 runs so far this week. I will do another weight training workout tonight after Tim is off and then a cardio session on the weekend at some point. I find if I plan and schedule it with Tim then it gets done.

Next weeks weigh in will be on Christmas Day....

Dear Santa:

My only request this holiday season is that you suddenly give me an adversity to chocolate and treats of any kind...alcohol excluded (yes I will pump and dump this Christmas judgement please Santa)

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Good job! And you are welcome for the recipes. I have a severe adversity to chocolate right now, I highly don't recommend the stomach flu! If I am not better by Christmas Sanat will have one angry Kami to deal with!

  2. I also ask Santa for that adversity but he never seems to come through!
    Did you get your Insanity workouts yet? Holy God they are hard....and I thought I was in shape. HA!

  3. You crack me up Cheryl!!

  4. oh i so agree.... self control feels amazing!!!