Monday, December 7, 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy..

As you know, I was chosen to be an Olympic Torch Bearer for the Cross Canada Relay. I signed up to run between here and Brandon (2 hours from Winnipeg)....hoping I would get some remote stretch on the highway, late at night, where Tim could come and cheer me on....

Tim...and only Tim would come....

Instead I got this leg...

You see, this is the major bridge that connects downtown to an area across the's the HEART of the city. To boot, I'm running my leg at 6:05pm....

Tim is thrilled, and part of me (like 90%) wishes he had been chosen to do this...considering it's been a dream of his since the late 80's and all...Tim could handle being in the spotlight, he's not shy whatsoever..

Me, I'm not one for public attention. The thought of people lined up to watch this event freaks me right out and GOD FORBID the news cameras are there (99% likely given the location and time). Even more scary is the potential for an interview.

Them: Why did you want to do this?

Me: My husband bullied me into applying...

Not the best "feel good" Olympic story. I can see it now..


My whole fear of publicity is making me dread this once in a lifetime opportunity...

You see, when they called to tell me I was chosen, they said they admired what I had written on my know...the part about kids and community involvement....

Pardon? Was I asleep when I wrote that? What on earth would I know about kids and community, we had just moved into this area and Cole was still at home, we had no community involvement...

And finally, there is the whole "buy your torch" debate. I can buy the actual torch I'll be carrying for a mere $350 cdn. When you add in the stand (you know, to make sure it actually can be displayed and not simply leaning up against a wall) for $70, I am investing $420 into a piece of Olympic history that only Tim will admire most days....

Maybe if this had come in the summer, when I was working, but it's Christmas...and Christmas on one income is a bit Scrooge like! There is no room for a $420 piece of metal with a few rings on it.

(cute tracksuit though! Mine just arrived and it could fit 3 of me....)

Or is there room for $420 worth of memories and pictures that I will look back on one day and admire.

Am I being ungrateful? Tim would give his right arm (he's a south paw so it wouldn't be so bad) to have been a part of this and here I am complaining about the location and time. I need to shape up my attitude here and consider this experience a gift...a gift to myself, to my family for years to come.

So the question is to buy or not to buy....

Would you?


  1. You and I are so alike! I would be okay with the run part but the interview. SHOOT ME NOW.

    And I spit tea on my keyboard when I read your headline! You are so funny.

    would I buy it? I'll be honest. Probably not. Our house is small, where would we put it? And in 4 years when the meaning is lost (to me, not saying it would be to you) then it would have to be stored. And we have minimal storage space. And it's $420!!!

    But if it means that much to Tim, then that has to factor in to your decision. Put a pony tail on him and he can do the run, the track suit would no doubt fit 3 of him too!

  2. Hi

    I'm not sure if I would buy it for that much either. I would definitely take lots of pics and video for momentos though.

    Thinking I would rather spend it on something for me...

  3. Nope, I would not buy it. Sounds like a cash grab! And the media thing would freak me out too. However, it's a once in a lifetime experience. An experience that you will all remember! Enjoy.

  4. I would buy it and then sell it on e-bay. Check out what some of the Olympic stuff is going for!

    Karen K

  5. well it is definitely a ploy by the olympic cmte to make some extra money but i am a sucker for nostalgia so i would totally buy it


  6. that sounds like lots of money! i would take lots and lots of pictures!!! maybe even "buy" a scrapbook for all of those pictures but i would buy nothing for that price that i have to dust! :-)

    oh and dealing with the media makes me want to vomit. i did it this week and there will be a post coming soon!