Friday, December 11, 2009

weekly weigh in

Down a pound...whoo hoo...143.

I managed 2 runs, 2 plyometric/cardio circuits and 2 weight training sessions this week.

When on earth can I fit this in you ask?

The boys nap in the AM while Cole is at school. If I have the urge I get it done then..if not I take an hour in the evening while Tim spends time with the's MY time...and I choose to workout.

My next step?
I am joining Good Life Fitness's close by and I like heading out of the house now and then. There are just some exercises I cannot do at home.

As for the diet?
I have sworn off any treats for a few months....yes that means no christmas baking. Please do not bring me any..(you know who you are!)

This also means I am not baking any....sorry Tim. My belly is more important than your sweet tooth right now.

Bad news in all this is my carpal tunnel is OUT OF CONTROL. It was only in my right hand and now the left hand is suffering too. Lucky for me I function very well on non REM sleep....I lay awake amazed at how queit the house is and how lucky I am that the twins sleep so well...and yet I am WIDE AWAKE....

Before I try any physio I am going to bite my tongue and head back to Hot Yoga. There is a pose they SWEAR cures carpal tunnel...I used to think "as if" .....too granola for me. I am willing to TRY ANYTHING right about now.

Doing up snaps on a sleeper should not take 5 minutes....

My hands should not fall asleep while I feed the boys...

I am way too independent (and strong) to have to ask Tim to open a jar for me!


  1. Hey Cheryl

    You should look into a treatment called Bowen Therapy. It is huge in Australia and definitely helped fix my sore knee and hamstring. The cost is about $60 a pop but only took me three sessions and I was much better.

    Hope it helps :)


  2. I hope you can get rid of that pain soon! Whoever invented sleepers with snaps should be shot!

  3. Oh no on the carpel, I say try anything too!
    And we should all send you some sleepers with zippers, no?!